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Studying philosophy at Birmingham-Southern means confronting the essential questions of the human experience: What is the nature of our existence? How do we know this life? What does it matter? But students will also take a personal journey even while you explore the most profound ideas of the past 2,500 years.

Along the way, students will practice the fine art of critical thinking, learn how to make a compelling argument, and hone your abilities to write and analyze—all skills tomorrow’s employers are seeking. While many of our students pursue philosophy into graduate school, most take on other professions such as medicine, the law, theology and psychology. Regardless of the path you choose when you leave BSC, philosophy will prepare you to do more than succeed. We’ll prepare you to make a difference.

Here’s what students will find at BSC:

  • Our small department means students will work closely with your peers and your professors, challenging each other to think more deeply than you ever imagined. students will participate in collaborative and independent research projects.
  • Spend our unique January Exploration Term venturing beyond the basics of Plato and Aristotle to look at contemporary subjects through a philosophical lens. Whether it’s examining the role of atheism in our society, analyzing the philosophy of film, or looking at the lyrics of Led Zeppelin, there’s always something new to learn.
  • Combine philosophy with religion, politics, or economics in our interdisciplinary majors, or create your own major that lets you study the foundations of human thought even as you explore another field, from biology to business.