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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

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The Sklenar Center encourages the development of globally-engaged students through advising, preparation and support for study abroad and exchange programs, international internship and research opportunities, and interaction with international students and scholars on campus.


    Getting Started


    Discover your dream study abroad destination!

    Study abroad is available for students in all majors. There are three program categories that allow BSC to meet every student's individual costs, interests and academic requirements. You can click on your major to find study abroad programs that meet your academic goals or you can learn about the variety of program options by clicking on the program type below.

    Each major page reflects program options within all three categories below.

    1. BSC Exchange Programs
    2. BSC Direct Programs
    3. BSC Provider Programs

    Planning ahead makes everything about overseas study easier. Below are important issues to consider as you decide which study abroad program to choose:

    • Complete the Study Abroad Interest Form to get the process started.
    • Visit with the study abroad advising staff and peer advisors to learn more about the programs and the study abroad requirements.
    • Talk with your academic advisor or department chair to plan the best terms to study abroad and develop an academic plan that includes courses you can take overseas.
    • Apply for study abroad scholarships. Some scholarship deadlines are posted a year in advance of travel so early planning is essential. Contact the Sklenar Center for more information.
    • Click here for scholarship awards for overseas study.
    • Consider including a RISE3 internship, research opportunity or service-learning component to your studies abroad.
    • Self-enroll in the Study Abroad organization on OrgSync for detailed information about study abroad program options, scholarships, checklists, internships, research and service-learning experiences overseas.

    Student must meet the minimum requirements below for semester, summer and year abroad program. Application deadlines are nine months in advance of the study abroad semester.

    • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
    • Complete first-year at BSC (transfer students must be enrolled one semester at BSC prior to departure.)
    • Be in good social standing
    • Satisfactorily complete the required pre-departure topics course, IS 101A, the semester prior to your departure.

    *Some university programs require a 3.0 GPA or higher. to be accepted into a program. You will want to research this information in the early planning stages to make certain you qualify for the program you choose.

    "International experience is one of the most important components of a 21st century resume." 
    Dr. Allan E. Goodman, President and CEO, IIE


    BSC Programs Abroad

    Study abroad is available for students in all majors. You can click on your major to find study abroad programs that meet your academic goals. Each major page reflects the three program options available through BSC. The Sklenar Center staff and study abroad peer advisors will be happy to assist you.

    Study Abroad by Major

    Art History 
    Asian Studies
    Business Administration 
    Global and Comparative Studies
    Media & Film Studies
    Political Science
    Theatre Arts
    Urban Environmental Studies

    Pre-Professional Programs

    Languages Abroad


    BSC Exchange programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad at universities around the world for almost the same price they pay to BSC. Enrolling through one of our exchange universities is usually the most cost-effective way to study abroad because scholarships apply in the case of tuition/fees , and in some cases, housing and meal plan scholarships also apply. Pre-approved courses from our exchange universities can transfer back as credit toward the major, minor, and electives at BSC.

    BSC Direct programs offer wonderful overseas opportunities for students to study abroad at some of the world's top ranked universities. BSC Direct has a direct enrollment payment process, which involves students paying tuition, room, and board directly to the host institution. Students are eligible to use need-based financial aid, but not merit aid, to cover the cost of tuition. All BSC Direct university partners have offices specifically designed to assist students from North America. Students remain enrolled at BSC while abroad through these partnerships, and pre-approved courses transfer back as credit.

    BSC Partner Programs include third-party organizations that arrange and lead a variety of study abroad programs for college students. Each partner program offers different options and locations for study. Although these programs differ in destination, program design, and requirements, all offer course credit that is transferable to BSC, provided students receive pre-approval for the courses they take. Like BSC Direct, BSC Partners have a direct enrollment payment process. Students are eligible to use need-based financial aid, but not merit aid, to cover the cost of tuition.



    Travel Scholarships and Funding

    The Sklenar Center for International Programs supports students in budgeting and funding overseas study and travel. The costs associated with travel, living abroad for a semester or funding an E-Term travel project can seem daunting. BSC believes that overseas opportunities are a significant part of a students’ education and personal development; therefore, meeting a student’s financial needs is important. Below are helpful resources for funding and scholarship options to pursue in support of your overseas travel. Requirements:

    1. Must meet the minimum requirements for study abroad and E-Term travel-projects or contracts
    2. Merit and need-based awards are available. Award amounts depend upon Federal financial need,

    A detailed list of scholarship and funding sources for study abroad is available here.



    Count down to study abroad!

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    Studying abroad is no longer just an option -- it's a necessity. From education to public health, solutions to the world's most complex problems will come from global thinking and cross-cultural collaboration.

    Study Abroad Application Process

    Step 1: Join the STUDY ABROAD page on OrgSync. 

    From the forms page, submit the study abroad application  and request faculty recommendation by the appropriate BSC deadlines below.  Click here for application checklist

    Step 2: Apply for Scholarships

    Join STUDY ABROAD on OrgSync to hear about scholarships, deadlines, and "Writing a winning essay" workshops throughout the year.  Visit the Sklenar Center for more information.

    Step 3:Register for the Pre-departure Course

    This semester-long course offers an opportunity to learn more about your host country, your home country, and issues that will make cultural transitions easier. Pre-Departure Topics for Study Abroad is a required course for all students planning to study abroad (Summer/Semester/Year) regardless of major or minor

    Step 4: Apply to one of BSC's partner university/exchange or provider programs.

    When deciding upon your chosen university or program, consider courses, academic calendar, costs In addition to GPA requirements. GPA requirements vary between universities/programs and some institutions require a higher GPA than BSC's study abroad minimum of 2.5.

    If you are interested in an exchange program, following acceptance to the study abroad program, the Sklenar Center will nominate you before you can apply to your chosen university. Check with Anne Ledvina about deadlines for nominations.

    For additional assistance, please visit the Sklenar Center for International Programs in the Krulak Institute in Norton Campus Center, Suite 280.268.

    Study Abroad Deadlines

    Term of Study Abroad Application Deadline
    Summer 2018 Extended deadline, February 2, 2018
    Fall 2018 Extended deadline, February 2, 2018
    Academic Year 2018-19 Extended deadline, February 2, 2018
    Spring 2019 April 25, 2018

    "My study abroad experience changed me in a way I never expected. Not only was I exposed to a new and different culture and lifestyle, but I learned that I could thrive in that type of unfamiliarity. My need for knowledge increased, and I became completely dedicated to knowing my city, my host family, the people that I met, and the way of life. Through studying abroad, I forced myself outside of my long-established comfort zone but ended up creating a new type of comfort zone, extended and flexible, that I will hold on to and use throughout my entire life"
    - Lucy Smart, CIEE Semester in Alicante, Spain


    Study Abroad Peer Advisors

    The Sklenar Center has a study abroad peer advising staff who are knowledgeable about all aspects of the study abroad process from choosing the program that is the right fit for you, to applications, visas, scholarships, packing and dispelling the fears of studying for a summer, semester or year overseas.

    All of these students have studied abroad at least one time for a significant period during their studies at BSC. All of these peer advisors have engaged deeply with the many opportunities available through the Krulak Institute and other areas of campus. Study abroad is a significant part of a student's experience at BSC but certainly not the only opportunity. Contact your study abroad peer advisors to learn how you can study abroad and many other opportunities and complete your degree in four years.

    Peer Advisors
    Sklenar Center Peer Advisors, L-R: Lucy Smart, Dunya Habash, Amy Heldt, Karley Chamblee

    Karley Chamblee

    "Being abroad generated a deeper appreciation for the diversity of people, cultures, and environment...The experiences and the transitions that occur before, during, and after studying abroad have been some of the most challenging, profound, and beautiful. Taking the opportunity to live and learn in another context, to re-become, is something I will now always encourage others to do."

    Karley Chamblee is a Religion major who studied religion and pre-nursing courses in the Republic of Ireland through BSC's partnership with the University of Limerick for the spring semester 2015.

    At BSC, Karley is involved in the Harrison Honors program and serves on the Religious Life leadership Team. In addition to a semester abroad in Ireland, Karley contracted a service-learning project over the E-Term in Guatemala through Cross-Cultural Solutions. Karley serves as a Study Abroad Peer Advisor for the Sklenar Center.

    Dunya Habash

    "Every young person who can study abroad must study abroad. This is not because of the obvious reasons of traveling around the world, meeting new people, and eating delicious food. Study abroad is necessary because it touches you at a much deeper level; you return a wiser individual with the tools and capabilities necessary to reflect thoughtfully on your life and the path you wish to sow moving forward. In essence, you find your place at a time in life when most are still stuck in the cave."

    Dunya Habash is a History/Music double major who studied at BSC's exchange partner Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata, Japan during the fall semester 2014.

    At BSC, Dunya is involved in the Harrison Honors program, the Leadership Studies program and currently serves as the coordinator of International Students for C3 (Cross-cultural committee). Dunya was a finalist for the Rhodes scholarship and the recipient of the Bridging Scholarship for study in Japan. Dunya serves as a study abroad peer advisor for the Sklenar Center.

    Amy Heldt

    "My year in Hong Kong pushed me to become more independent and confident than I could have imagined. I learned how to order dim sum with a combination of hand gestures and guesswork and to navigate a city of over 7 million people. I also gained some amazing friends. My roommate and I are still in touch almost every day."

    Amy Heldt is an Asian Studies Major who studied at BSC's exchange partner Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong during the academic year 2014-15.

    At BSC, Amy is involved in 'Southern Ambassadors, Kappa Delta Sorority and the Harrison Honors Program. She has also been a Hess Fellow with the Clinton Foundation for the summer following her year abroad and is currently serving as a Study Abroad Peer Advisor for the Sklenar Center.

    Lucy Smart

    "Through studying abroad, I forced myself outside of my long-established comfort zone but ended up creating a new type of comfort zone, extended and flexible, that I will hold on to and use throughout my entire life."

    Lucy Smart studied global topics in Alicante, Spain through BSC's partnership with CIEE for the spring semester 2015.

    At BSC, Lucy is involved in Kappa Delta Sorority and 'Southern Ambassadors. She is currently serving as a Study Abroad Peer Advisor for the Sklenar Center.