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Imagine collaborating with a faculty mentor in your area of interest. Conduct experiments in the natural sciences, research global markets with an economist, test a theoretical model of cooperative behavior among Ugandan farmers, or direct a play. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

"I've been able to get a research publication and present in multiple forms about my research, which has contributed to about 40 percent of my resume. It's an opportunity that I think is unique to Birmingham-Southern. Getting to do this research for so long will only benefit me later in life." 
Kyle Hoffman '14
Researched cancer drug K1019

What makes a rise3 student-faculty research project?

A rise3 student-faculty research project is an intensive experience that involves investigating a topic of study and incorporates critical reflection. In partnership with a qualified staff or faculty sponsor, students engage in the following:

  • a major project of intensity and depth
  • critical reflection before, during, and after the experience
  • apply relevant theory, paradigms, and or best practices
  • create a final product which culminates the research experience

Examples of rise3 collaborative research projects:

Summer Research in Mathematics
Through the use of video and text chat and online cloud systems, mathematics students researching applications in the biological sciences work alongside their peers and faculty at BSC and other institutions in the Associated Colleges of the South. In one recent project, BSC and Rhodes College students and faculty used novel modeling techniques to describe the fluctuations in island fox populations; the students involved presented their work at a national conference.

Summer Research in Natural Science
The Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics provide research projects plus workshops, community-building, annual poster session, and reflection activities. In addition to guiding students through their research and helping them develop into more independent researchers, faculty mentors provide activities and sessions to allow for students to socialize with other scientists and faculty. This helps students learn that they are part of a scholarly community where expertise, ideas, and advice are exchanged and they can develop a network of support and resources as well as a better understanding of the integration of career and personal goals, values, and abilities.

Great Books in the Making: Research in Ireland 
Students and their professor spend 10 days in Dublin working with the original manuscripts of poet W.B. Yeats in the National Library of Ireland, then produce papers on their research. The group also tours sites in Dublin associated with the Irish literary tradition.

Other opportunities for collaborative research at BSC may be found here. Note that many departments also have individual research opportunities and senior research requirements: