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Resources for Internship Partners

Resources for Internship Partners

Thank you for your interest in BSC student interns! We look forward to working with you to create rich learning opportunities for our students that support the work of your organization.

Resources for Employers

We collaborate with our partners to find opportunities for students to take ownership of substantial projects, going beyond the “file-and-fetch-coffee” stereotype. A typical student may work approximately 120 hours over the course of the 13-week fall and spring semesters; 30 hours per week for four weeks during the January Exploration Term, and 40 hours per week for eight to ten weeks in the summer.

Partner organizations may request applications and formal interviews with students before accepting them for internships. It is understood that partners are not guaranteed applicants, nor are they obligated to select an intern for each opportunity. Supervisors of BSC interns may be asked to complete mid-term and semester-end surveys evaluating students’ growth throughout the internship.

We hope you will connect your organization to Birmingham-Southern students! To get started, please complete the Internship Opportunity Information Form. You may also contact Katy Smith, Assistant Director of Internships, at or (205) 226-3037 to:

  • Discuss your organization’s needs and determine whether a BSC internship is a good fit for you. We can help you think creatively about possible projects and connect to faculty and staff in relevant disciplines.
  • Share specific internship opportunities with students. We can help you develop a description of the internship project or duties, define necessary skills for success, identify the desired start date, and determine the application process.
  • Join our database of community partners who may be contacted at any time as student interests and skills align with specific organizations. We understand that organizations may not always be able to host an intern when contacted.

We look forward to working with you!