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Distinction in Leadership Studies Program

Distinction in Leadership Studies Program

The Distinction in Leadership Studies Program invites students to study and practice leadership. The program includes four elements: an introductory theory course, two leadership-designated courses across the curriculum, a cooperative project in a junior-year practicum, and a senior capstone, which provides a summative leadership analysis and application experience.

Students who complete the DLS Program are able to:

  • Critically reflect on their leadership experiences
  • Identify and assess competing ethical, moral, or community interests (CI in Explorations Curriculum)
  • Work collaboratively with others to address matters of public concern
  • Apply critical and theoretical conceptions of leadership to new situations

Ultimately, completing the Distinction prepares you to contribute effectively to the groups and communities that matter to you. The program is open to all students regardless of major and is fully compatible with all other programs on campus. Everyone will encounter leadership--so everyone benefits from the study and practice of effective leadership.

Earning a Distinction:

To earn the distinction, you need to:

Complete LS 200 Leadership Theory and Practice. A CI-designated course in the Explorations Curriculum, this course introduces the major theoretical and practical approaches to leadership.

Complete LS 300 Leadership Practicum. The practicum is a service-learning integrated course. As part of this course, students work with a community partner and practice identifying leadership opportunities.

Complete LS 400 Leadership Studies Capstone. In the capstone, students research the nature and quality of leadership in a specific group and offer recommendations for how to sustain or improve the group's practice of leadership.

Complete two LS-designated courses from different disciplines. These courses complement the core courses by broadening and deepening the understanding of where and how leadership occurs.

LS-Designated Courses: 
AN 323 Chinese Philosophies of Leadership and Strategy 
ARB 170 Culture of the Arab Speaking World
ARH 311 Roman Art
ARH 312 Medieval Art
BA 320 Management Principles and Organizational Behavior
BA 400 International Strategic Issues
ED 210 Curriculum Design
EH 232/HI 232 Story of Freedom
HI 205 The Old South
HI 208 Diplomatic History of the U.S. Since 1941
HI 210 U.S. Women's History
HI 244 The History of Terrorism 
HI 245 Russian Civilization
HI 309 Women of the American South
HI 345 Topics in the History of Terrorism
HRC 200 Introduction to Human Rights
MFS/HON 250 History of Documentary Film
MU 371 Advanced Conducting
PL 307 Environmental Ethics 
PS 240 Introduction to Latin American Politics
PS 307/ HON 307 Civil Rights and Justice
PS 310 Women and Politics 
PS 325/ HON 325 Contemporary Southern Politics
PS 340 Comparative Elite Behavior
PS 355 American Presidency and Congress
PY 308 Judgment and Decision Making
RE 215 Christian Scriptures
RE 280 John Wesley and the People Called Methodists
RE 353 Nonviolence 
RE 375 Gender and the Hebrew Bible
SO 335 Race and Ethnic Relations
SO 370 Sociology of Medicine
THA 403 Directing and Stage Management
UES/PS 210 Environmental Problems and Policy 
UES 380 Urban Planning, Development, and Design

Students may also contract courses and experiences not listed here for DLS credit. Click here for more information.

Distinction in Leadership Studies Faculty