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Frequently Asked Questions About Exploration Term

Frequently Asked Questions About Exploration Term

How many Exploration Term projects may a student enroll in each January?

One. BSC's Exploration Term program allows students to explore one topic or interest for the month of January.

When are contracts for individually designed Exploration Term projects due?

Contracts for Exploration Term are due by the last day of E-Term registration in the fall.

May I drop my Exploration Term project and add another?

Yes, if you do it before the third day of the term. A student may not add an Exploration Term project or drop without a grade of "W" after the third day of Exploration Term. If a student drops after the ninth day of Exploration Term, a grade of "F" or "U" will automatically be assigned.

May first-year students do contracts for individually designed Exploration Term projects?

Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors may do contracts for individually designed projects. First-year students usually do projects on campus or travel with BSC faculty.

May first-year students do internships?

No, we believe students gain more from internships if they have had more coursework before they serve as interns.

May I go to another college with an Exploration Term during January?

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may attend another institution with a 4-1-4 calendar for January if they have the approval of their advisor and the Director of Exploration Term, who facilitates the 4-1-4 exchange for the student.

May I register Exploration Term credit in the fall or spring term?

No, Exploration Term credit may be registered only in January or in the summer.

What is a Senior Project and do I have to do one?

Some majors require students to do a Senior Project.  Check the BSC catalog for details.  If required, the senior Exploration Term is done in the student's major and is done for a letter grade (not satisfactory/unsatisfactory). It is usually an extensive project or a large piece of research.

May I do an internship at my father's office?

No, students are not allowed to intern with a relative, but oftentimes a parent or other family member may help to set up an internship for a student. Many students do internships in their hometowns during January.

May first-year students do study-travel projects?

Certainly! First-year students may travel with BSC faculty projects.

How much does Exploration Term cost?

The tuition charges for four Exploration Terms are included in regular tuition. If you must for some reason do an extra Exploration Term, there will be a charge for that fifth Exploration Term. If you do a study-travel project, you must pay travel costs, of course.

How do first-year students get into an Exploration Term project?

First-year students get to sign up for their Exploration Term projects before registration. First-year students fill out an online placement form, listing their top four choices of Exploration Term projects. Then they are placed in one of those projects. This process assures first-year students that a place will be held for them in a project they want.

How much does a study-travel project cost?

Study-travel project costs range between $2,500 and $6,000, depending on the project. BSC faculty work to keep the project costs as low as possible. Exploration Term Travel Awards are available each year to assist students in realizing their dreams of travel.

I'm interested in music. Should I try to do all of my Exploration Term projects in music?

Students use the Exploration Term for both in-depth exploration in their field of interest and as a time to examine subjects outside of their major.  We encourage our students to take advantage of the many opportunities the Exploration Term provides.

If I have a double major, do I need two senior projects?

If both majors require a senior project, you should complete one senior project for each major.

Do I have to buy a meal ticket during Exploration Term?

No, you don't have to buy a meal ticket in January, but food service is available if you want it.