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Jane Archer

Jane Archer

Professor of English

Jane ArcherOffice:

Berte Humanities Building 324

Contact Information:

Box 549028
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Rd
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office Phone: (205) 226-7838
Office Fax: (205) 226-3089

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Brief Career Background:

1995: Professor of English, Birmingham- Southern College

1993: Tutor,ThVictorian Novel and the Early Modernists, British Studies at Oxford, St. John's College, Oxford University Oxford, England

1992-1995: Coordinator for the Faculty of English, Birmingham-Southern College

1987-95: Associate Professor of English, Birmingham-Southern College

1982-87: Assistant Professor of English, Birmingham-Southern College

1981-82: Instructor of English, State University of New York College at Buffalo

1977-80: Teaching Assistant, State University of New York at Buffalo

Educational Background:

1984 Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, Comparative Literature

1975 B.A., with honors, University of Wisconsin, Comparative Literature

Areas of Academic Interest:

  • 20th Century Literature
  • The Novel
  • Place in Literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • Critical Theory
  • Feminist Theory
  • Popular Culture
  • Post-Colonial Literature

Courses Taught:

EH 102 Introduction to Writing (1)
Techniques of expository prose. Prerequisite: placement by English faculty.

EH 200 Introduction to Literature (1 )
Critical approaches to poetry, short stories, and drama. Prerequisite: EH 102 or 208. Fall, Spring.

EH 210 Introduction to Fiction (1)
An introduction to the short story, in American, British, and world literature, with some attention to longer fiction. Prerequisite: EH 102 or 208. Fall, Spring.

EH 220 Literature and the Social Experience (1)
An introduction to the social interpretation of literature through study of a faculty-selected topic (such as African-American literature, war in literature, literature and the environment, or androgyny in literature), focusing on a cultural movement, a social issue, or the perspective of a social group. The course can be taken only once for credit. Prerequisite: EH 102 or 208.

EH 225 Labyrinths and Solitude: Latin American Fiction in Translation (1)
An introduction to Latin American fiction covering a selection of novels and short fiction. Students will learn basic skills of literary interpretation and study cultures of Latin America.

EH 330 Major Authors (1)
A focused study of the works of one to three authors. Recent offerings have included Dante, Hawthorne, Hemingway, Morrison, Woolf, and Yeats. With the permission of the English faculty, students may enroll more than once for credit, providing that the focus of the course is different. Prerequisite: any 200-level literature course. (Category 2)

EH 392 Contemporary Fiction (1)
An examination of trends in British or American fiction since World War II, including the impact of postmodernism, neorealism, and the belated recognition of minority writing. Prerequisite: any 200-level literature course. (Category 4)

EH 395 Contemporary International Fiction (1)
A sampling of recent non-Anglo-American fiction; may include postcolonial literatures, such as African- and Latin-American fiction, as well as Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and other Asian fiction (an IC designated course). Prerequisite: any 200-level literature course. (Category 4)

EH 410 Studies in the Novel (1)
A theoretical study of the novel. The focus of the course may change each time it is offered: for example, gender and the novel, the modernist novel, the novel and narratology. Prerequisite: any 300-level literature course. (Category 5)

EH 459 Methods of Literary Interpretation (1)
Study and application of major methods of literary analysis. Prerequisite: any 300-level literature course. (Category 5)

EH 470, 471, 472 Senior Seminar (1)
Advanced study of selected topics within a specific area of language or literature. Students may enroll for a second seminar on a separate topic as one of their electives. Prerequisite: senior standing or consent.

PPM 500 Humanist Perspectives on Management

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