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Creative & Applied Computing

Creative & Applied Computing

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Welcome to computing...’Southern style! Creative and Applied Computing is a unique academic program that will prepare our students for a variety of careers where computer science is utilized. Of course, there is the typical career of software development, but we will also prepare students for careers in fields that intersect computer science, such as health care, legal, business, media, scientific, and educational fields.

It is important that graduates of this program understand how to apply computing to a particular area of interest; therefore, students are strongly encouraged to select a minor in a second academic discipline. Throughout the program, assignments will require the student to apply a concept or technique to a second discipline.

Proposed courses include current and relevant topics including but not limited to robotics, mobile development, media computation, cybersecurity, and Big Data. Students will be required to work both in groups and individually throughout the program, which will culminate in a senior capstone project where students will work with groups to complete a project commissioned by an external organization. Students will be encouraged to acquire internships to build upon the education they are receiving in the classroom. Additionally, undergraduate research opportunities will be available if students are interested.

This major will cater to students’ interests in order to apply the concepts being taught in the classroom, and students should expect to go far beyond the textbook.


    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the creative and applied computing major, a student will be able to

    • articulate how computing can be used to enhance the creation, presentation, or understanding of material originating across disciplines
    • demonstrate the ability to produce computer code as a tool to create, present, or enhance understanding of material across disciplines
    • demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills by choosing among alternative computational approaches to enhance the creation, presentation, or understanding of material originating across disciplines
    • articulate how computation has impacted society through the intersection with domains including legal, ethical, business, scientific, social, and cultural
    • collect, categorize, organize, and describe data in structured formats for computer interpretation
    • apply the underlying foundational logic of computer science to the storage and manipulation of data


Dr. Amber WagnerProgram Director: Dr. Amber Wagner
Department of Creative and Applied Computing
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Road / Box 549032 
Birmingham, Alabama 35254-9021