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Birmingham-Southern College Catalog 2016-2017


All information in this catalog pertains to the 2016-2017 academic year and is correct to

the extent that the information was available during its preparation. However,

Birmingham-Southern College reserves the right to change course offerings, tuition, fees,

rules governing admission, requirements for graduation and the granting of degrees, and

any other regulations affecting its students. Such changes are to take effect whenever the

administration deems it necessary, whether or not there is actual notice to individual

students. Given budgetary considerations and the decision to publish this catalog every

year, the College chooses to tell students about interpretations or policy changes as they

occur from time to time. Such information is made available through student publications

or other means.

Each student is responsible for fulfilling the degree requirements in effect during his or

her first year of enrollment at the College or under the requirements of any one catalog in

effect during the period of his or her enrollment. The requirements specified by a

student’s catalog of entry are applicable for a maximum of seven years. After that time, a

student is responsible for fulfilling any other requirements in force.


August 2016

Vol. XCV

The Birmingham-Southern College Catalog is published by Birmingham-Southern

College, 900 Arkadelphia Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35254.