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Minor Requirements
The following courses are required (5 units):
EC 201 and 202
three elective units in EC at the 300 level or above
Internships, exploration term projects, service-learning, and teaching
experience may not count toward the minor.
Courses in Economics
EC 201 Principles of Macroeconomics (1)
A general introduction to economics with emphasis on macroeconomic
aspects: national income determination, monetary and fiscal policy.
Fall, Spring.
EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics (1)
A general introduction to economics with emphasis on microeconomic
aspects: the economic principles underlying price, production,
distribution of income, and related problems. Fall, Spring.
EC 204 Survey Data Analysis and Statistics (1)
Theory and practice in formulating hypotheses and evaluating them by
analyzing secondary sources of data with statistical analysis software.
Emphasis is placed on data management, data analysis, the use of
appropriate statistics, and the interpretation of statistical output.
Though intended as a prerequisite for EC 304, PS 304 or SO 304,
this course can help any student develop analytical skills. Laboratory
required. (Also listed as PS 204 and SO 204, this course may be counted
for credit in economics, political science or sociology.) Prerequisite: EC
or EC 202 or PS 101 or SO 101. Fall.
EC 293, 393, 493 Independent Study in Economics (½ or 1)
Directed study for advanced students in the major. Coursework may
include supervised reading, fieldwork, written reports, or analysis of
theoretical and practical problems. One independent study course
at the 300 level or above) may count towards the economics major.
Specific guidelines concerning independent study projects appear in the
Individualized Study section of this catalog.
EC 298, 398, 498 Teaching Experience in Economics (½ or 1)
A teaching experience course. Specific guidelines concerning teaching
experiences appear in the Individualized Study section of this catalog.
Open to sophomores, juniors, or seniors with consent of major advisor.