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BA 475Advanced and International Marketing (1)
A study of advanced topics and strategies employed in marketing
practice including behavioral research techniques, market
segmentation, consumer behavior, and the marketing of services. The
course includes significant coverage of international marketing and the
structures of trade employed to facilitate the marketing process. The
course examines marketing as employed in domestic, international,
global corporate, nonprofit, and other non-government organizations.
Prerequisite: BA 350. Fall, Spring.
BA 499 Strategic Management (1)
An integration of several business functions, such as accounting,
finance, production, marketing, and management, in developing and
stimulating the student’s skill at the formulation of overall management
strategy and policy. Prerequisites: senior standing and a business
administration major, including completion of 28 regular term units,
BA 400, and either BA 474 or BA 475. Exploration term.
IBA 499 Advanced Senior Project in International Business Strategy (1)
A capstone experience in international business in the form of a
research project, pursued independently or corporately, that utilizes the
skills developed across the international business curriculum. Both a
written product and oral presentation will be required. Many students
complete this course in conjunction with BA 499. Prerequisites:
admission to business disciplinary honors in international business,
senior standing, and consent. Exploration term.