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Business Administration (BA)
Bachelor of Science
Paul Cleveland, Carolyn Garrity, Mary Pritchett Harrison, Rick Lester,
Bert Morrow, Sara Robicheaux, Jack Taylor
The Department of Business Administration, a premier learning center
within the liberal arts tradition, provides nationally recognized courses
of study and seeks to nurture the development of students through a
supportive intellectual environment.
Mission Statement
The Department of Business Administration integrates and applies
knowledge gained from a liberal arts education to the practical realm of
organizational life. The department provides an undergraduate education
that is distinctive by its focus on innovations in the marketplace that is
coupled with cultural awareness and ethical leadership. Graduates are
prepared to become managers and leaders in a variety of organizational
settings. The faculty are committed primarily to teaching and advising, and
they engage in professional development and scholarship that enriches the
dynamics of teaching and learning.
Vision Statement
Birmingham-Southern College’s Department of Business
Administration is built on the distinction of teaching organizational
leadership and management in a traditional liberal arts setting. The
department is dedicated to nurturing and developing students in a
collaborative learning community driven by entrepreneurial thinking,
global and cultural awareness and ethical practice.
Upon completion of the business administration major, the student will be
able to
recognize an unmet need in the marketplace and assemble a
strategy to fill that need,
analyze and synthesize the elements of a situation, formulate
alternatives, and recommend an implementable course of action,
recognize differences in domestic and international values and
demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in the functional areas of
business (i.e., management,, marketing, and finance),
integrate knowledge of the business functional areas with other
academic areas within the liberal arts,
demonstrate an ethical foundation and practice professional
construct convincing arguments in both oral and written form.