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Upon completion of the biology major, students will be able to
search the scientific literature and find adequate, appropriate source
material on a given topic,
derive hypotheses to answer biological questions,
design experiments to test hypotheses,
conduct experiments and analyze data,
draw appropriate conclusions from scientific data,
explain the results of their experiments to a broad audience,
write clearly and concisely in a scientific research paper format,
demonstrate knowledge of the broad fundamental concepts of
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (11 units):
BI 115 Organismal Biology
BI 125 or HON 126 Cellular and Molecular Biology
BI 215 Principles of Genetics
BI 225 Evolutionary Ecology
four elective units in BI, one of which must be at the 400 level or above.
One elective must have a signi cant eld component (BI 206,
208, 232, 332, 410
or 411). One elective must have a significant
molecular lab technique component (BI 301, 304, 402, 405 or 408).
The field or the molecular lab technique course may satisfy the
level requirement.
CH 120 General Chemistry or CH 149 Chemical Principles
two units in the capstone experience from BI 470 and 472, or BI 470
and 499
Independent study courses (BI 293, 393, and 493) are intended for
students interested in additional research experience, and may not be
applied toward the major. Internships (BI 297, 397, 497), exploration term
projects (BI 299), and teaching experiences (BI 298, 398, 498) may not
count toward the major.
The chemistry courses required for the biology major may be used to
meet minor requirements in chemistry. Major requirements in the biology
major may also be used towards the urban environmental studies major
and minor.
Capstone Experience in Biology
The biology faculty challenges our majors to move beyond their
coursework and truly embrace the discipline. We strive to establish and
maintain a community of learners actively and personally seeking to
become scientists. Excellence in coursework is needed, but only research
experience can transform a science student into a student scientist. All
biology majors will complete the following requirements: