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Astronomy (AS)
Duane Pontius, Mark E. Rupright
Major Requirements
No major or minor is offered in astronomy.
Courses in Astronomy
AS 101 General Astronomy (1)
An introductory course in descriptive astronomy with laboratory. The
Meyer Planetarium and telescopes owned by the College are used as
instructional aids. Three lectures and one laboratory per week. Fall,
AS 105 Principles of Astronomy (1)
An introduction to major topics of modern astronomy, focusing on the
fundamental physical principles underlying astronomical phenomena.
Topics include the origin, structure, and evolution of the solar system,
stars, galaxies, and the universe. Three lectures per week.
AS 301 Introduction to Astrophysics (1)
A survey of the astronomical universe, with emphasis placed on
physical principles. Topics include Kepler’s laws of planetary motion,
the Sun, planetary and stellar atmospheres and interiors, variable stars,
stellar clusters and associations, galactic structure, stellar evolution, and
cosmology. Prerequisites: PH 122 and MA 232.