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The College’s curriculum is designed to provide a four-year academic
program for each student. It consists of courses numbered in an orderly
sequence ranging from the first-year level to the senior level.
The abbreviations in parentheses after the names of disciplines (“AR”
for art, etc.) are those used by the College for permanent records and class
schedules. The bachelor’s degree designations to the right of names of
disciplines (Bachelor of Arts, etc.) indicate those degrees awarded by the
College for completing major requirements in the discipline.
The figure in parentheses after each course indicates the amount of
credit given for the course: a full‑unit course (1), a half-unit course (½), a
quarter-unit course (¼). Units of credit earned at Birmingham-Southern
College may be translated into conventional semester-hour credits by
multiplying the indicated figure by four. They may be translated into
conventional quarter-hour credits by multiplying the indicated figure by six.
Prerequisites for courses follow the course descriptions; if no
designation appears after a course description, that course has no
Typically, courses are scheduled for two or three days per week, for
approximately fourteen weeks each term. Not all courses conform to this
schedule; the College recognizes that different kinds of learning experiences
may require different contexts for learning. Students should consult the
class schedule as they plan their courses each term.
A “Common Hour” is built into the schedule on Tuesdays and
Thursdays for special programs, speakers, and College community activities.