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Individualized majors are designed in consultation with a faculty
committee consisting of at least three faculty members representing
the various disciplines involved. One of these committee members is
designated chair. The student must present a proposal to the committee
outlining objectives for the major, and a suggested program comprising no
fewer than eight and no more than 20 units with at least six units in one
discipline, if possible above the introductory level. It must also include at
least one and preferably two courses that provide a synthesis of the areas
covered in the major (one of these courses may be the senior exploration
term project). There shall be a distribution of 100-400 level courses with
several 300-400 level courses included, at least one of which shall be at
the 400 level. EH 102 and exploration term projects should not be listed
in the areas of concentration as these are requirements of the College. The
student shall accompany the proposal with a brief statement establishing
a rationale for the major that indicates why existing majors and minors
fail to meet the student’s academic objectives. The proposal shall also
be accompanied by an endorsement by the committee chair. Before
approving the program, the committee will advise the student and make
any necessary revisions. The program is then drawn up into a contract.
Once the committee as well as the Exploration Term and Contract Learning
Committee have approved it, the contract is sent to the Provost for final
Students interested in individualizing a major should submit the
completed proposal, signed by the student’s faculty committee, by the end
of the first term of the junior year. All negotiations for the major should
be completed prior to the end of the junior year. Any changes made in
the major after it has been approved must be initialed by the committee
chairperson. An individualized major does not exempt students from the
degree requirements of the College. For further information contact the
Office of Exploration Term and Contract Learning or a faculty member in
one of the disciplines of concentration.