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a study abroad experience for at least one fall or one spring term
no more than one may be counted toward the three) in a
program approved by the Sklenar Center
an approved travel experience during the exploration term (no more
than one may be counted toward the three) (GP or CI)
Creative insight and generative problem solving frequently
occur by connecting previously disconnected areas of thought. In this
vein, we expect students to be able to identify and employ connections
within one academic area, among academic areas, and between the
academy and the wider world. Two courses, one at the beginning
and one at the conclusion of the Explorations Curriculum, assist in
developing this ability:
one designated first-year explorations in scholarship seminar
one connection in scholarship senior experience, which serves
as the capstone within the major and includes a required
public presentation
Self-Directed Teaching and Learning.
In any exploration, unplanned,
unscripted, or non-routine events frequently provide the most
memorable experience. Recognizing the difficulty in scripting the
unscripted, we hope to foster such unplanned insights by providing
a space for students to engage in independent study, seek out new
opportunities and experiences, and actively pursue those experiences
based on their own interests and concerns by enrolling in three courses
beyond their other general education requirements and outside their
major requirements.