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CE – Creative Expression
CI – Community Interests
ES – Explorations in Scholarship First-Year Seminar
GP – Global Perspectives
IA – Interpretation or Analysis
QA – Quantitative Analysis
SM – Scientific Methodologies
WR – Writing Reinforcement
Regularly enrolled Birmingham-Southern students must fulfill learning
outcomes designation requirements with scheduled courses taken at the
College. See also the Transfer Credit section of this catalog.
A listing of courses with learning outcomes designations can be found
on the College website under the Explorations Curriculum. The
of Classes
published by the Office of Academic Records, will serve as the
official record of learning outcomes designated courses for each term.
Effective Communication
Students should be able to communicate
effectively in written, oral, and artistic forms to a variety of audiences.
Students develop these skills in three courses:
one first-year seminar in writing and critical thinking (EH 102 or
EH 208)
one writing reinforcement course within the major (WR)
one course in creative expression outside the major (CE)
Creative Problem Solving.
We expect students to be able to identify and
solve problems using a variety of methods. They further develop these
abilities through four courses from a range of disciplines:
one course in quantitative analysis (QA)
one course in scientific methodologies (SM)
two courses from two different disciplines in the interpretation or
analysis of people, societies, artifacts, or theories (IA)
Civic Engagement.
The fully engaged citizen articulates his or her
place in the world by attending to historical, social, economic, and
geographical differences; such a citizen is equally capable of attending
to competing interests by weighing the costs of privileging one
perspective over another. To assist students in refining this attention,
we invite them to participate in three courses or experiences among the
following, with no more than two of the three coming from any one
courses in a foreign language
courses whose primary concerns are the understanding of subject
matter within a global perspective, be that a cultural, political,
social, economic, historical, linguistic, or aesthetic framework
courses whose primary interests are in competing ethical, moral, or
community interests (CI)