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To qualify for this guarantee, students must meet the following
Complete four consecutive academic years at the College. While
the College encourages all students to study abroad, not all study
abroad opportunities provide the coursework necessary to satisfy
all requirements within four years. As a result, students considering
study abroad must consult with the Office of the Provost to
determine if the four-year graduation guarantee will remain in force.
Meet with their assigned academic advisor at least once each term,
and follow their academic advisor’s recommendations. To ensure
that students meet the requirements for the four-year graduation
guarantee, students must consult with their academic advisors
before making any schedule changes. Failure to discuss schedule
changes, such as those made during the drop/add period at the start
of each term, voids the four-year graduation guarantee.
Pursue a single major and declare that major according to the
timetable below. While it is possible to complete some majors
in less time, the College cannot guarantee the completion of all
academic requirements in four years unless students declare the
major by the term listed. Similarly, if a student changes the major
once declared, the guarantee will no longer remain in force.
Students majoring in education or music education should be
aware that state certification requirements may extend the time
needed to complete a degree beyond four years.
The following majors must be declared at the beginning of
the first year: art (all studio art majors), biology-psychology,
chemistry, education (all degree programs), music (all majors
and degree programs), music education, and musical theatre.
The following majors must be declared by the end of the first
year: art history, biology, business administration, economics,
English, history, international studies, mathematics, philosophy,
physics, political science, psychology, religion, sociology,
sociology-political science, and sociology-psychology.
The following majors must be declared by the end of the second
year: Spanish and theatre arts.
Maintain status as a full-time student, complete four units per term
in at least six of the eight regular terms offered during the student’s
four-year residency, and complete one course in two exploration