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FINANCES (2012-2013)
The tuition charge for students is $14,800 per term. Three or more full-
unit courses, or a combination of full and half-unit courses equaling three,
is considered a regular term schedule.
Students who enroll in more than four and one-half units in any
regular term or, for some reason, more than one unit in any exploration
term are charged an additional tuition fee of $2,500 per unit. Students who
enroll in fewer than three units in any regular term are charged at a rate of
$4,933 per unit.
The exploration term is an integral part of the academic year, so no
additional charges for tuition are made to any student who has paid
full tuition for at least one regular term of the academic year. Students
who enroll in more than four exploration term projects or who take an
additional course during the exploration term while at the College are
charged tuition for each additional unit of credit received.
The summer session is not considered an integral part of the academic
year. Tuition for the 2012 summer session was $1,275 per unit. Students
who receive permission to complete an exploration term course during the
summer session are charged for a unit of credit at the summer rate.
Confirmation Fee and Residence Hall Deposit
A tuition confirmation fee of $200 and a housing deposit of $100
are requested from each new student within thirty days of notification of
acceptance to the College. Residence Hall deposits are refundable upon
Semester charges are due July 31 for the fall; December 31 for the
spring. If financial aid of this amount, excluding work-study funds, has
been awarded, the aid may be used to satisfy this requirement. Should
a student have an unpaid balance at the end of any term, he or she will
be denied permission to register for subsequent terms and to obtain a
transcript from the Records Office. No diploma or certificate of credit is
given to a student who is in default of any payment due to the College.
Should the account have an unpaid balance at the end of any given
month, an annual percentage rate of fifteen percent (15%) is assessed on
the last day of each month.