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indicate the courses presently being taken if the student is currently
enrolled. If the student has attended any other colleges or universities,
an official transcript from
of these must be filed in the Office of
Request the Dean of Students at the institution currently being
attended to complete and mail the “School Recommendation Form” to the
Office of Admission as soon as possible. If the applicant is not presently
enrolled, this form should be completed at the last college attended. The
form is supplied by the Office of Admission, or online at
Request his or her high school to send to the Office of Admission
an official transcript, including Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American
College Test (ACT) scores.
Submit an original personal statement to the College. The form for
this statement is provided with the application materials.
International Students
Applicants from countries outside the United States must file the
same credentials as other students and, in addition, are required to
demonstrate proficiency in the English language. The English language
requirement of the College is met when the applicant has submitted proof
of a score of 500 or better on the paper TOEFL or a score of 173 or better
on the computer-based TOEFL, or a 61 on the internet-based TOEFL,
has completed Level 109 at an ELS Language Center, or has achieved an
English sub-score of 21 on the ACT or a verbal sub-score of 500 on the
SAT. International students may also demonstrate English proficiency
through the successful completion of English Composition courses taken
at accredited two- or four-year colleges in the United States. A complete set
of educational credentials with English translations, if necessary, is required
before eligibility for admission can be determined. An affidavit of financial
responsibility is required before the I-20 form is issued.
Birmingham-Southern College is an Educational Associate member of
the Institute of International Education.
Not-Candidate-For-Degree Students
Special students
must follow the procedures applicable to transfer
students if they have had any collegiate courses or to entering first-year
students if they have never been enrolled in a college or university. Special
student application requires a $40 fee.
Transient students
must file only the transient application for admission
form, the application fee of $40, and the special transient student form
supplied by Birmingham-Southern College.