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Final Examinations
Students are expected to take final examinations at regularly scheduled
times. If a student is unable to attend a scheduled examination because
of illness or other serious cause, he or she will be permitted to take a
delayed examination if an acceptable excuse is presented to the instructor
of the course. When possible, the instructor’s permission to take a delayed
examination should be obtained prior to the time scheduled for the
examination. Students should not expect to take an exam early unless
faced with exceptional circumstances. It is the responsibility of the student
to contact the course instructor to make arrangements for taking any
examination outside of the regularly scheduled time.
Graduating seniors may be exempted from final examinations if they
have at least a 3.00 cumulative grade point average, at least a “B” in the
course in question, and if the course professor approves. Near the end of
each term, the Records Office will send faculty a list of graduating seniors
who have at least a 3.00 cumulative grade point average.
Communicating Concerns to the College
Students with concerns or complaints not discussed elsewhere in
this catalog should address their concerns in writing to the following
individuals: for complaints that are academic in nature, the Assistant
Provost; for complaints not academic in nature, the Vice President for
Student Development. Students are encouraged to consult the
for further specific information regarding various concerns and
Mark S. Schantz
Birmingham-Southern College