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Dual Degree in Engineering
Duane Pontius and Douglas Riley, Advisors
Students who participate in the pre-engineering dual-degree program
attend Birmingham-Southern for approximately three years and then
continue their education at an ABET accredited institution. After
completing the academic requirements at both schools, the student
is awarded a bachelor’s degree from Birmingham-Southern and an
engineering degree from the cooperating institution.
The College maintains partnering arrangements with five schools
for which admittance into those engineering programs is guaranteed
after completing the Birmingham-Southern College pre-engineering
requirements and upon a favorable recommendation by the College’s
faculty liaison. The partnering institutions include Auburn University,
Columbia University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Vanderbilt
University, and Washington University. The precise agreements with these
partners vary and some have additional course requirements specific to
their programs. Interested students are encouraged to contact one of the
pre-engineering advisors for specifics on requirements for each school and
engineering program.
Pre-Engineering (10 units):
MA 231 Calculus I
MA 232 Calculus II
MA 310 Calculus III
MA 317 Linear Algebra
MA 311 Differential Equations
CS 170 Introduction to Computing
CH 120 General Chemistry or CH 149 Chemical Principles
PH 121 General Physics I
PH 122 General Physics II
PH 201 Mathematical Tools for Physics
Pre-engineering students must also meet Birmingham Southern’s
general education graduation requirements, with the exception of the
senior conference. They should work closely with the program advisors in
selecting specific courses required by cooperating institutions.
Although exempted from the 32-unit requirement, pre-engineering
students must complete their engineering degree at the cooperating
institution in order to receive their degree from Birmingham-Southern.
Students who do not complete the degree requirements elsewhere will
not receive a degree from Birmingham-Southern unless they return to the
College and complete the requirements for another major as well as the
remaining graduation requirements.