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The Charles B. Vail College Fellows Program, Birmingham-Southern’s
program of undergraduate research, provides a formal structure for joint
faculty-student research and teaching. The program has a two-tiered design.
Students in the first tier, Research Fellows and Teaching Fellows, receive
academic credit for their projects. Teaching Fellows register for 298, 398 or
Teaching Experience; Research Fellows, for 293, 393, 493, Independent
Study. An individualized study contract needs to be completed for 293,
393, 493.
Students in the second tier, Distinguished Fellows, receive a
$1,000 tuition scholarship rather than academic credit.
Vail College Fellow projects are varied and take many different forms:
teaching assistantships, writing center tutor appointments, research in the
humanities, laboratory research in the sciences, for example. Many of these
projects lead to scholarly presentations and publications.
Participation in the Vail College Fellows Program is noted on the
student’s transcript.