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International Students & Scholars
SCIP has a staff dedicated to supporting international students and
visiting scholars during their time at Birmingham-Southern College. The
center provides
advice to international students and scholars regarding immigration
compliance and visa status maintenance,
orientation to the BSC community and to life in the U.S. through
our International Seminar and International Peer Advisor program,
assistance with cultural adjustment and personal concerns,
on-campus advocacy for matters relating to international students
and scholars,
opportunities to make connections with faculty, students and
community members both on- and off-campus.
International Leadership and Programming
SCIP supports intercultural awareness via educational, social, and
cross-cultural programs and training, such as Global Gatherings and the
International Floor (I-Floor). Global Gatherings are designed to celebrate
an international holiday or highlight a particular culture. The I-Floor
is a residential space that houses a community of students committed
to intercultural living and learning. Residents also assist with the co-
ordination of cross-cultural events on-campus. Required for those students
traveling abroad, IS 101 (Pre-Departure Topics for Study Abroad) provides
students with the opportunity to explore cultures from an ethnographic
perspective and to consider how international experience shapes their lives.
SCIP has several student leadership positions for those interested in
developing their skills in international education. The students serving in
these positions are part of SCIP’s Student Advisory Committee whose role
is to assist SCIP with international education initiatives. The positions are
listed below and more details can be found on the SCIP website:
International Student Peer Advisor
Global Gathering Coordinator
Teaching Assistant for IS 101 (Pre-Departure Topics for Study Abroad)
Resident Hall Advisor for the I-Floor
Study Abroad Peer Advisor
For further information about all international programs, please refer to
the SCIP website: