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Audited Courses
With the approval of his or her faculty advisor and the instructor
teaching the course, a student may audit a course instead of taking it for
credit. Such a student is expected to attend class regularly and meet any
other conditions set by the instructor. If the student does not meet these
conditions, the course will not be entered on his or her transcript. A fee of
$475 is charged per audited unit.
Non-Graded Courses
College or university coursework applied toward general education
requirements or major or minor requirements must be graded. Under
certain circumstances, students may elect to have other coursework
evaluated as satisfactory or unsatisfactory (“S” or “U”) in lieu of receiving
letter grades. The letter grade equivalent of “S” is “C” or above. All credits
evaluated as “S” count in the total required for graduation, but both “S”
and “U” evaluations are disregarded in any computation of quality points.
All elections outlined below must be exercised by the current deadline
for adding a course. Once such an election has been made, it may not be
Certain exploration term projects may be evaluated as “S” or “U.” Any
exploration term project used to satisfy general education requirements
must receive a letter grade. Senior exploration term projects in the major
must receive a letter grade.
Students who have accumulated at least 16 units of credit in residence
at Birmingham-Southern College may elect to receive evaluations of “S”
or “U” at the rate of no more than two per year in the projects and courses
listed below. Transfer students may elect to receive evaluations of “S” or “U”
at the same rate after earning a total of 16 units of college credit, eight of
which must have been earned at Birmingham-Southern College.
At the election of the individual student, free elective courses,
defined as those that are not applied in satisfaction of general education
requirements or the major or minor requirements may be evaluated as “S”
or “U.”
Unless a discipline specifies otherwise, all off-campus projects shall
be evaluated as “S” or “U.”
Teaching Experiences (courses numbered 298, 398, 498) may
be evaluated with a letter grade or as “S” or “U” at the discretion of the
No more than six units earned at Birmingham-Southern College,
including exploration term units, may be evaluated as “S” or “U.”