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Musical Theatre (MS) (MU) (THA)
Bachelor of Arts
Michael Flowers, Program Coordinator
The musical theatre major provides students with a combination of
courses in dance, music, and theatre that is intended to prepare them for
careers as performers in musical theatre. Given its emphases on acting,
ballet, voice, piano, jazz, and music theory, the musical theatre major is
more specialized than the theatre major, and a successful review at the end
of the sophomore year is required to gain admission to the program.
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (15 units):
one-half unit in MS 110 and/or 310 (achieve proficiency level 1)
two units in MS 320
two units in MU 151 and 152
THA 120 and 320
THA 210
THA 230
THA 323 and 324
one unit of DA
a minimum of five performance experiences in on-campus productions,
including one dramatic performance, one musical performance, and
one experience as a technician; students should thus enroll for two-
and-one-half units of THA 201
THA 499