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Media and Film Studies (MFS)
Bachelor of Arts
David Resha, Program Coordinator
The media and film studies major considers the historical and cultural
understanding of text, the critical examination of film and fundamentals
of cinematography, and the psychological, sociological, and political
impact(s) of mass media. In this program, “media” refers to various forms
of representation and communication, including traditional arts and letters,
print and broadcast news, the trade press, television, photojournalism,
film, the Internet, digital systems, and emerging information and
communication technologies.
While the focus of the major lies firmly in the theory and analysis
of historical and contemporary forms of human expression and
communication, students also practice and produce media by taking
courses in journalism, photojournalism, photography, computer science,
film, or by engaging in a production-oriented project.
The major requires a set of core courses designed to provide
a foundation in the historical, theoretical, critical, and analytical
study of various media, including film. Following this concentration,
students individualize their major by choosing electives in one of three
concentrations: mass media and society, media and culture, or media
production. Each student is also required to engage in an independent
project or an internship and to participate in an interdisciplinary senior
Neither credit by examination in the AP and IB programs, nor
individualized educational experiences, with the exception of an approved
internship or independent project, may be used to satisfy requirements in
the major.
Courses in the media and film studies major that are also listed with
other disciplines may be used to satisfy requirements in other majors or
minors at the discretion of the designated discipline.
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (11 units):
MFS 100 Introduction to Media Studies
MFS 201 History of American Media
MFS 210 Film Analysis
MFS 300 Media and Society
MFS 310 Film and Media Theory
MFS 470 Seminar and Senior Conference
MFS 493 Independent Project or MFS 497 Internship