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Latin American Studies (LAS)
Vincent T. Gawronski, Program Coordinator
As a supplement to a disciplinary major, the minor in Latin American
studies provides a multi‑faceted preparation for a wide range of careers in
the public and private sectors. To facilitate the student’s understanding of
the importance of Latin America on the global stage, the minor provides
a broad‑based study of language and literature, history, politics, and
culture. The goal of the LAS minor is to heighten the student’s awareness
and knowledge of the complexities of Latin America as a region and the
vast diversity of Latinos living in the United States. Ideally students who
minor in Latin American studies will travel to Latin America at some
point during their undergraduate coursework. The College offers a variety
of opportunities for study abroad, international internships, and even
scholarship aid for such travels through the Sklenar Center for International
Consistent with the College’s policies for an academic minor, no
courses counted toward the major may be counted toward the Latin
American studies minor unless specifically exempted from this exclusion.
Major Requirements
No major is offered in Latin American studies.
Minor Requirements
The following courses are required (6 units):
SN 270 or equivalent (This requirement may be waived through
a proficiency exam.)
two units in interdisciplinary core courses:
a) historical component (1 unit):
HI 260 Social History of Latin America
b) political component (1 unit):
PS 240 Introduction to Latin American Politics
three additional elective units from the arts, history, literature,
or social studies from the following:
ARH 405 Pre-Columbian Art
EH 225 Labyrinths and Solitude: Latin American Fiction in
EH 395 Contemporary International Fiction
HI 261 Modern Latin America and the Revolutionary Tradition
LAS 200 Seminar in Latin American Studies
MU 126 Music of the World’s People (Latin America: Spring
term of odd‑numbered years)