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Academic Calendar
The academic calendar is divided into two terms, a fall term of
approximately 14 weeks beginning in late August and concluding with
the Christmas holidays, and a spring term of approximately 14 weeks
beginning in early February and concluding around the middle of May.
The month of January is an exploration term during which students engage
in an academic project under the supervision of a faculty member. There
is also a summer term for a variety of academic programs on campus,
including regular coursework and undergraduate research.
Faculty Advisors
Comprehensive advising is an integral part of the academic program
at Birmingham‑Southern College. We aim to provide students with the
resources and skills that will enable them to achieve full potential in
and out of college. Each student has a faculty advisor who assists him or
her with academic matters, with the consideration and setting of goals,
and with learning to make decisions. The faculty advisor also serves as a
resource person for the numerous services (such as career and personal
counseling) and programs that are available to aid in the student’s
academic, career, and personal development. The student and the faculty
advisor have a shared responsibility in the advising process. Ultimately, it is
the student’s responsibility to know the requirements for graduation.
Students opting to participate in the four-year graduation guarantee
should meet with their advisors prior to making any schedule changes.
Failure to consult with the faculty advisor prior to adding or dropping
courses will lead to the four-year graduation guarantee becoming void.
Students are encouraged to remain with their initial advisor for at
least one year. They may be reassigned at any time, however, at their own
request, at their advisor’s request, or at the discretion of the Provost.
Change-of-advisor forms are available in all of the academic offices, or
online at the Records Office website.
Classification of Students
Students who are candidates for a bachelor’s degree are classified
as follows:
first-year students
if they have completed fewer than eight
units (regular units, excluding exploration units);
if they
have completed at least eight but fewer than 16 units;
if they
have completed at least 16 but fewer than 24 units; and
if they
have completed at least 24 units but have not completed all degree
requirements. Transient students and special students are classified as “not
candidate for degree” students.