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History-Political Science (HI) (PS)
Bachelor of Arts
Robert J. Slagter and Randall Law, Program Coordinators
The history-political science major provides intensive study of both
disciplines and offers the opportunity for a student to recognize and
create intellectual connections between the two related fields. The major
emphasizes the development of analytic and writing skills needed in
graduate study or professions such as teaching, law, and business.
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (15 units):
History (7 units):
one of the following:
HI 102, and either 103 or 110
HI 151 or 155, and HI 152
HI 181 and 182
HI 300
two additional units in HI at the 200 level
two additional units in HI at the 300 level
Political Science (7 units):
PS 101 or PS 238
PS 204
PS 304
PS 470
three elective units in PS
one additional unit in HI 400 or PS 472