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Gender and Women Studies (GWS)
Victoria Ott and Heather J. Meggers-Wright, Program Coordinators
The gender and women studies minor serves to help students examine
the social construction of gender through analytical processes. As a
supplement to a disciplinary major, this minor provides students with
an interdisciplinary study of the elements that have shaped gendered
experiences and helped define masculine, feminine, and other gendered
identities through time, across cultures, and within social spheres. Students
completing the gender and women studies minor will gain skills in
integrating interdisciplinary knowledge and using multiple methodologies
to study gendered experiences from critical and empirical perspectives.
The minor, moreover, will enhance students’ chosen majors as analytical
study through the lens of gender broadens the students’ understanding of
their disciplines. These skills will help prepare students for graduate study
and for a variety of fields such as public health, education, social service,
business, and government.
No courses counted toward a disciplinary major may be counted
toward the gender and women studies minor unless explicitly noted
Major Requirements
No major is offered in gender and women studies.
Minor Requirements
The following courses are required (5 units):
GWS 200 or exploration term equivalent
four additional units from the following:
ARH 299 Queer Visual Culture
ARH 400 The Body in American Visual Culture (Special Topics
in Art History)
EH 220 or 227 From Suffrage to Cyborgs: Twentieth-Century
Feminism(s) and the Novel
EH 394 Contemporary Drama
EH 420 or 425 Introduction to Performance Theory
HI 210 U.S. Women’s History
HI 309 Women of the American South
HON 315 Sexual Ethics and Religion in Global Perspective
PS 300 Women in Politics
PY 208 Human Sexual Behavior
RE 375 Gender and the Hebrew Bible
SO 215 Sex, Gender, and Society