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Biology-Psychology (BI) (PY)
Bachelor of Science
Megan Gibbons and G. Shane Pitts, Program Coordinators
The biology-psychology major comprises a specific combination
of courses designed to provide students with an understanding of the
biological basis of behavior and thought. The major is designed to
prepare students for a number of graduate programs, including those in
the neurosciences, physiology, physiological psychology, and behavioral
biology. It also provides good preparation for students planning to go into
one of the health professions.
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (16 units):
BI 115 Organismal Biology
BI 125 or HON 126 Cellular and Molecular Biology
BI 215 Principles of Genetics
BI 225 Evolutionary Ecology
BI 303 Physiology
BI 315 Animal Behavior
one elective unit in BI from the following:
BI 301Molecular Genetics and Genomics
BI 402 Cell Biology
BI 405 Recombinant DNA Technology
BI 408 Biochemistry
BI 425 Comparative Vertebrate Embryology
BI 442 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BI 493 Independent Study
CH 120 General Chemistry or CH 149 Chemical Principles
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PY 204 Statistics for Research
PY 312 Biological Psychology
PY 407 Cognitive Psychology or 408 Psychology of Learning
two electives in PY, one of which must be from the following:
PY 217 Drugs, Brain and Behavior
PY 208 Human Sexual Behavior
PY 313 Psychological Disorders
PY 324 Developmental Psychology
two units in the senior capstone experience in biology or psychology.
For biology, students must complete two units from BI 470, 472,
and/or 499. For psychology, students must complete PY 417, and
one unit in PY 410 or 450 (both of which require PY 304 as a
prerequisite). Biology-psychology majors must complete the E.T.S.
Major Field Test in Biology and the equivalent in psychology.