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Minor Requirements
The following courses are required (8 units):
two introductory courses, as defined in the major requirements
two courses in an Asian language relevant to the student’s primary
cultural/geographic area of interest, as defined in the major
four elective courses, which will constitute a cultural or geographic
area of concentration in either Sinitic (East) Asia or Indic/Islamic
South, Southeast or Southwest) Asia
Courses in the Asian Studies Curriculum
denotes introductory courses
Sinitic World (East Asia)
Art History
ARH 206 Survey of Asian Art (UAB)*
ARH 306 The Asian Experience (UAB)*
ARH 470 Chinese Art and Culture (Prerequisite: ARH 206) (UAB)
ARH 473 Japanese Prints and Printmakers (UAB)
ARH 474 Chinese Painting (Prerequisite: ARH 206 or 470) (UAB)
ARH 475 Japanese Art (Prerequisite: ARH 206 or 470) (UAB)
ARH 476 Oriental Ceramics (Prerequisite: ARH 206) (UAB)
History (HI/Hist/HIST/HY)
Introductory Surveys of Asia or East Asia
Hist 463 Monsoon Asia: Survey of Culture and History (S)*
Hist/Pols/Geog 395 Asia: Land and People (S)*
Hist/Pols/Geog 396 East and Southeast Asia: Land and People (S)*
HY 271 Traditional East Asian History and Culture (UAB)*
HY 272 Modern East Asia (UAB)*
Introductory Surveys of China
HI 181 East Asian Civilization I: China to 15th Century (BSC)*
Hist 441 History of China to 1644 (S)*
HY 474 China to the 19th Century (UAB)*
Introductory Surveys of Japan
HI 182 East Asian Civilization II: Japan to 15th Century (BSC)*
Hist 443 Japan (S)*
HY 476 Japan to the 19th Century (UAB)*
Modern China
HI 283 Modern China (BSC)
HY 475 Modern China (UAB)
Hist 444 Asia’s Response to the West (S)