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Theatre Arts (THA)
Bachelor of Arts
Michael Flowers, Alan Litsey, Matthew Mielke
The theatre arts program offers courses for the general education of
all students, as well as professional training for those wishing to major in
theatre arts. Using the unique teaching facilities of the College Theatre–a
performance plant housing an open stage with a split‑revolve‑lift in a
flexible auditorium–and an intimate “black box” theatre, the program
offers courses in all areas of theatrical performance, musical theatre,
technical theatre, direction, and design. A student wishing to major in
theatre arts may elect the disciplinary major below or the interdisciplinary
major in musical theatre listed in the Interdisciplinary Major Requirements
section of this catalog.
Upon completion of the theatre major, students will be able to
erform acting goals and tactics
xecute theatre designs using appropriate technology
unction as a member of an ensemble
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (12 units):
THA 110
THA 120
THA 210
THA 222
THA 230
THA 320
THA 211 or 310
three units from THA 201 to include at least one project in performance
and one in technical theatre
THA 403
THA 499
Minor Requirements
The following courses are required (5½ units):
THA 100
THA 120
THA 201
THA 110, 211, or 310
THA 222
THA 403