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SO 412 Community Service Practicum (1)
Individual field work under joint supervision of sociology faculty and
social service agency personnel. Graded “S”/”U.” Prerequisite: SO 101 or
SO 450 Sociological Theories (1)
A review of concepts and issues associated with various theoretical
perspectives. Differences in macrosociological and microsociological
approaches are examined. Intended for majors, but open to other
students with consent of instructor. Fall.
SO 470 Seminar for Majors (1)
Application of theory to a particular problem area. The product may
be a term paper and/or empirical research. Topics vary according to
interests and needs. The course stresses the ability to communicate
ideas orally and in writing. Prerequisite: SO 304.
SO 499 Senior Project in Sociology (1)
A capstone experience that can be done as an independent project
or as part of a regular exploration term course. The project requires
a substantial paper that demonstrates a knowledge of sociological
concepts and research methodology. Prerequisite: senior standing or
consent. Exploration term.