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Sociology (SO)
Bachelor of Arts
Guy C. Dalto
The sociology major is designed to give liberal arts students concepts
and tools for understanding human behavior in society. An undergraduate
major in sociology prepares students for graduate or professional school.
Those intending to enter the job market immediately after graduation
will find that the analytical and data analysis skills they have gained as
sociology majors will allow them to apply for entry-level research positions
in both government and business.
Upon completion of the sociology major, students will be able to
demonstrate an understanding of sociology’s many connections
and contributions to other disciplines,
demonstrate an understanding of the usefulness and limitations of
the sociological imagination,
demonstrate the skills and articulate the knowledge gained while
progressing through the major.
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (11 units):
SO 101
SO 204 and 304
SO 215, 335, or 339
SO 305, 308, or 370
five elective units in sociology
SO 499
Methods courses (SO 204 and 304) should be taken during the
sophomore year.
Minor Requirements
The following courses are required (5 units):
SO 101
SO 215, 335, 339, or 383
SO 305, 308, or 370
two elective units in SO
Courses in Sociology
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology (1)
The study of human society: the processes of social interaction and
organization. Emphasis is placed on learning the basic concepts,
principles, and theoretical perspectives of sociology. Fall, Spring,