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RE 390 Violence and the Bible (1)
An exploration of the violent narratives, imagery, symbolism, and
rhetoric of the Bible. In addition to examining the way biblical texts
have been used to legitimate and authorize violent acts in the world,
a significant focus of this course is how violence functions within the
textual world of the Bible. Attention is given to possible models of
interpretation of and ethical responses to the violent texts of the Bible.
Prerequisite: at least one unit in RE.
RE 401 Seminar in Theological Studies (1)
A seminar on recent theological developments: 1963 to present.
Prerequisite: RE 201.
RE 405 Seminar in Hebrew Bible (1)
A seminar on a theme or book in the Hebrew Bible. Prerequisite: at
least one unit RE.
RE 415 Seminar in Christian Scriptures (1)
A seminar on a theme or book in the Christian Scriptures. Prerequisite:
at least one unit in RE.
RE 450 Religion and Politics in America (1)
An exploration of the relationship between religion and politics in
America. Emphasis is placed on the role of religion in American culture
and how religion affects politics. Also listed as HON 450, this course
may be counted by Honors Program students toward fulfillment of
their course requirements. (Also listed as PS 450.)
RE 470 Senior Seminar in Religion (1)
The senior capstone seminar in which senior religion majors write a
significant research paper. The topic for the paper is decided by the
student in consultation with the instructor. This course is required for
all religion majors during the first semester of their senior year. Students
will present their final projects in a senior conference. Prerequisite: