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Courses in Psychology
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology (1)
An introduction to the research, theory, and methods of psychological
science. Fall, Spring.
PY 204 Statistics For Research (1)
A laboratory course designed to introduce students to experimental
research design, statistical theory and techniques, and computer data
analysis. Laboratory required. Open only to PY or PY-interdisciplinary
majors, or by consent.
PY 205 Introduction to Forensic Psychology (1)
An examination of forensic psychology, or the application of
psychological principles to legal matters. Topics include criminal
behavior, victimization, criminal investigation (e.g., criminal profiling,
lie detection, eyewitness testimony), forensic assessment, and jury
selection and deliberation.
PY 206 Special Topics in Psychology (1)
An in-depth exploration of theory and research in a sub-disciplinary
area of psychology. Topics may vary.
PY 208 Human Sexual Behavior (1)
A study of the biological, sociological, psychological, and ethical
aspects of human sexuality, including the study of the biological
foundations of sexuality, behavioral variations, research in sexuality,
sexual decision making, social issues, and contemporary issues in
human sexual behaviors.
PY 215 Sex, Gender, and Society (1)
A survey of theory and research on males and females; biological and
cultural factors in development and abilities; perception and treatment
of the genders by society; and current gender issues and their historical
context. (Also listed as SO 215, this course may be counted for credit in
either psychology or sociology.) Prerequisites: PY 101, or SO 101 or SO
and at least sophomore standing. Spring.
PY 217 Drugs, Brain, and Behavior (1)
A study of licit and illicit drugs (focusing on drugs of abuse) examining
their effects on the brain and on behavior. Topics may also include
addiction and treatment, history of drug use, and the influence of drugs
on the unborn child, the individual, and on society.