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PS 450 Religion and Politics in America (1)
Explores the relationship between religion and politics in America.
Emphasis is placed on the role of religion in American culture and how
religion affects politics. Also listed as HON 450, this course may be
counted by Honors Program students toward fulfillment of their course
requirements. (Also listed as RE 450.)
PS 470 Seminar for Majors (1)
Prerequisite: senior standing.
PS 472 Senior Research Project in Political Science (1)
Extension of the Seminar for Majors (PS 470). This course functions as
a capstone experience where students conduct independent research
under the supervision of the political science faculty and where they
come together to discuss key issues for the discipline. In addition to
completion of significant research, to be presented to the campus
community, students will take up important questions for political
science such as the future and scope of the discipline, quantitative
versus qualitative analysis, and the application of political science to the
solution of problems confronting community.
PS 473, 474 Selected Topics (1)
Selected topics in political science, varying according to individual
needs. Open only to junior and senior majors in political science. Fall.