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Minor Requirements
Teaching experience courses may not count toward the minor.
The following courses are required (5 units):
PS 101
PS 238
one elective unit in PS (PS 204 and 304 are strongly recommended)
two units in PS at the 300 level or above
Graduation with Disciplinary Honors in Political Science
The award of disciplinary honors in political science reflects a “value
added” experience for those who seek additional work and more research
experience in the discipline, and a better understanding of political
science as a profession. Receiving disciplinary honors not only signifies
success in coursework, it also rewards work in the discipline that goes
beyond minimum requirements and that shows evidence of academic
rigor. Students with a major or minor in political science or an associated
interdisciplinary major that requires PS 204, 304, 470 and 472 are eligible
for disciplinary honors.
Candidates for disciplinary honors in political science must fulfill the
following requirements:
Attain a minimum 3.00 grade point average in courses taken at the
Attain a minimum 3.70 average for courses in political science.
Earn at least one unit of credit in a teaching experience in political
science (PS 398 or 498) or an internship in political science.
Demonstrate disciplinary depth, analytical skill, and intellectual
insight and originality in the completion of the senior capstone
project and conference (PS 470 and 472), as evaluated and
determined by the political science faculty.
Courses in Political Science
PS 101 Introduction to American Government and Politics (1)
A survey of research on the institutions of American government–the
Presidency, the Congress, and the Supreme Court–and on political
behavior at the mass, elite, and organizational levels. Questions of
democratic theory are applied to the American context. Fall, Spring.