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Courses in Physics
PH 101 Survey of the Physical Sciences (1)
A survey of the fields of physics, chemistry, earth sciences, and
astronomy with emphasis on environmental and other practical
applications. Three lectures and one laboratory period per week. This
course may not be substituted for PH 121 in the physics major program.
PH 102 The Physics of Music (1)
An introduction to the principles of physics through a broad study of
musical instruments, musical scales, human hearing, and electronic
sound reproduction and synthesis. Hands-on laboratory exercises allow
students to play and study the operation of actual musical instruments
and common audio equipment. Three lectures and one laboratory
period per week.
PH 103 Energy and the Environment (1)
An introduction to the physical principles underlying energy
production, use, and environmental impact. Topics include electrical
power generation and transmission; the design and efficiency of heat
engines; and environmental effects such as pollution and resource
depletion. One lecture and one laboratory period per week.
PH 121 General Physics I (1)
Mechanics of linear and rotational motion, oscillations, and waves,
using vectors and calculus. The sequence PH 121‑122 fulfills the
requirements of students who are majoring in physics, chemistry, or
mathematics. This sequence is a prerequisite for all physics courses
of higher number. Two lectures and one laboratory period per week.
Tutorial sessions are offered each week. Prerequisite: credit in or current
enrollment in MA 231. Fall, Spring.
PH 122 General Physics II (1)
Thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, electrical circuits, and
geometrical optics of lenses and mirrors. Two lectures and one
laboratory period per week. Prerequisite: PH 121. Spring, Summer.
PH 201 Mathematical Tools for Physics (1)
A mathematically focused examination of a broad range of physics
subjects. Serving to bridge introductory and advanced physics courses,
we apply advanced mathematical techniques to familiar physical
problems from mechanics and electromagnetism. Prerequisites: PH 122
and MA 232.