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MED 337 Vocal Pedagogy and Diction (½)
Various methods of teaching singing, vocal anatomy, acoustical analysis,
vocal dysphonia, and vocal health issues. A study of Italian, German,
and French pronunciation as it applies to solo vocal repertoire. Special
emphasis is placed on use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA),
analysis of texts, and performance of selected works. Fall.
MED 341 Teaching Strings (¼)
MED 343 Teaching Woodwinds (¼)
MED 345 Teaching Brass Instruments (¼)
MED 347 Teaching Percussion Instruments (¼)
MED 349 Teaching Fretted Instruments (¼)
Elementary class instruction in techniques and teaching methods for
each group of instruments. Emphasis is given to performance on a
single instrument in the group. Prerequisites: MU 152. Fall: MED 341,
Spring: MED 345, 347, 349.
MED 414 Teaching Internship VI (½)
A minimum of 150 clock hours in observation and practice teaching
in public school music courses. Prerequisite: admission to Teacher
Education Program. Fall, Spring.
MED 415 Teaching Internship VII (½)
A continuation of MED 414 to include at least an additional 150 clock
hours of observation and practice teaching. Prerequisite: admission to
Teacher Education Program. Fall, Spring.
MED 499 Senior Project in Music Education (1)
Senior project for the Bachelor of Music Education degree. Prerequisite:
senior standing or consent. Exploration term.