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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Music
The Bachelor of Arts with a major in music is designed for students who
wish to study music in a broad liberal-arts context. The major is balanced
among four types of music study: theory, literature and history, applied
study in performance, and ensemble participation. In the senior year,
students present a solo recital of at least thirty minutes. Students in voice
are expected to satisfy a minimum proficiency level in piano.
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (12 units):
four units in theory:
MU 151 Elementary Theory
MU 152 Intermediate Theory
MU 158 Music Technology
MU 251 Advanced Theory
three units in music literature and history:
MU 123 Literature and Language of Music
MU 221 Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Music History
MU 222 Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Twentieth-Century
Music History
three units in applied study required over six regular terms; applied
courses, worth one-half unit, may be repeated for credit:
MS 310 Piano
MS 320 Voice
MS 330 Organ
MS 340 String Instruments
MS 350 Winds, Brass, Percussion Instruments
MS 360 Classical Guitar
one unit in ensemble from the following; ensemble courses, worth
one-quarter unit, may be repeated for credit; students should enroll
in ensembles appropriate for their principal concentration as
determined in consultation with the music faculty:
MU 112 Southern Chorale
MU 113 Chamber Orchestra
MU 211 Concert Choir
MU 215 Jazz Band
MU 217 Symphonic Band
MU 242 Opera Workshop
MU 341 Chamber Music
MU 341 Guitar Ensemble
MU 499 Senior Capstone Experience