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MA 454 Numerical Analysis (1)
An introduction to numerical methods of solution and their analysis.
Topics include computer arithmetic, propagation of error, systems of
linear and non-linear equations, numerical integration, curve fitting,
and differential equations. Prerequisite: MA 310.
MA 455 Introduction to Topology (1)
An introduction to the topology of Euclidean space and/or surfaces.
Topics include continuity, compactness, cell complexes, and the
classification of surfaces. Applications include fixed-point theorems, the
Jordan curve theorem, and map colorings. Prerequisites: MA 310 and
MA 458 Introduction to Complex Analysis (1)
Complex numbers, analytic functions, Cauchy‑Riemann equations,
curves and integrals, Cauchy’s Theorem and applications, Taylor and
Laurent series, analytic continuation, Residue Theorem, harmonic
functions, and conformal mappings. Prerequisites: MA 310 and 335.
MA 461 Real Analysis I (1)
A rigorous treatment of sequences, limits, continuity, differentiation,
infinite series, sequences and series of functions, uniform convergence
and its implications for function series. Prerequisites: MA 310 and 335.
MA 462 Real Analysis II (1)
A continuation of MA 461. Topics include integrals, derivatives, and
functions of several variables. Prerequisites: MA 317 and 461.
MA 470 Research Seminar in Mathematics (1)
A seminar in reading and presenting advanced mathematics in
preparation for proposing an independent research topic. Each student
will read and present articles of interest to the class, building both
a mathematical foundation upon which a research proposal can be
written, and developing the skills for presenting quantitative work.
Towards the end of the term, each student will write, revise and defend
a proposal for independent research. Prerequisite: MA 335 and senior
standing, or consent of the instructor. Fall.
MA 499 Senior Project in Mathematics (1)
An independent research project in mathematics where students
investigate a topic proposed in MA 470. Students work closely with a
supervising faculty member, formally write up their results, and present
their research to the campus community for their senior conference.
Students may also be required to present their work at a regional
mathematics conference. Prerequisite: MA 470. Exploration term.