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HI 386 Japan in the Twentieth Century (1)
An analysis of the political, social, and economic history of “Showa”
Japan, and an attempt to place Japan’s recent economic
and political emergence on the world stage in the context of the
problem and process of modernization. Also a strong focus on Japan’s
wars in Asia and the Pacific, their consequences on Japan and their
meaning for Japanese today. Prerequisite: HI 300 or consent.
HI 400 Senior Research Symposium (1)
The senior capstone seminar, in which students write a major research
paper on a topic of their choice with consent. Students will present
their research in a senior conference. Prerequisite: consent.
HI 401 Senior Research Project in History (1)
Qualified students may register for this course to meet graduation
requirements for Disciplinary Honors in History. Prerequisites: HI 400
and consent.