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History (HI)
Bachelor of Arts
Sarah Frohardt-Lane, Randall Law, V. Markham Lester, Matthew Levey,
Victoria Ott, Mark S. Schantz
The history faculty engages students in an inquiry into the past. By
reconstructing earlier civilizations and perceiving various ages within a
time frame stretching from prehistory to the present, the history student
comes to see an age in relationship to what came before and what follows.
A sense of continuity is developed that expands mental horizons, permits
fruitful comparisons to be made with the present, and allows a more acute
awareness of one’s surroundings. The effort to understand the peoples of
the past makes use of various skills and techniques including the evaluation
of evidence, employment of imagination, research skills in diverse sources
of information, and effective oral and written communication skills. A
primary concern of the study of history is change. The student who is
conscious of the continuous process of change is better prepared for the
conditions of change taking place today.
Historical study provides a training that helps prepare students for
graduate study and for widely varied careers in teaching, law, the church,
government, diplomatic service, museums, libraries, social services,
business, journalism, and other fields.
Upon completion of the history major, students will be able to
articulate a thesis that is historical and argumentative,
compose an historical argument using primary sources in support
of an appropriate thesis,
engage with secondary sources by situating one’s own thesis and
argument within the topic’s historiography.
Major Requirements
The following courses are required (11 units):
one of the following:
HI 102, and either 103 or 110
HI 181 and 182
HI 151 or 155
HI 152
HI 300 (normally completed in the sophomore or junior year)
HI 400
five elective units, two at the 200 level and three at the 300 level. Of
these five units, at least one must be in United States history, one
in European history, and one in Latin American, Asian, or Middle
Eastern history