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Education (ED) (EPY)
Bachelor of Science
Louanne C. Jacobs, Genell Lewis-Ferrell, Kelly A. Russell, Amelia G. Spencer
The idea of purposeful and intentional teaching focused through a
liberal arts lens captures the vision of teacher education shared by the
Education Department. We believe that purposeful and intentional teachers
demonstrate intellectual curiosity and philosophical, pedagogical, and
academic grounding. We seek to develop teachers who practice reflective
and intentional teaching and advocacy for the community, profession, and
all children.
The Education Department offers three certification courses of study for
students wishing to pursue a teaching career: Elementary/Collaborative K-6,
Secondary 6-12, and Arts P-12. The Elementary/Collaborative Education
degree program offers students dual certification endorsement in both
elementary and special education. Secondary and Arts candidates receive
a degree in their subject area and take a series of education courses to
complete the College’s state-approved Teacher Education Program (TEP).
All of the College’s teacher education programs are accredited by the
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and have
been for over fifty years. The Alabama State Department of Education also
accredits all of our programs; the Alabama State Report card has given the
College’s Teacher Education Program an “A” grade since the inception of
the rating system.
Upon completion of the education major, students will be able to
demonstrate written communication skills,
demonstrate oral communication skills,
demonstrate knowledge of conceptual framework,
demonstrate dispositions necessary for teaching,
plan instruction,
articulate a philosophy of teaching,
demonstrate teaching skills.
Teacher Education Program
Students who fulfill requirements for the elementary/collaborative
education major are eligible for Alabama State Department of Education
dual certification in Elementary Education and Collaborative Teacher K-6
Special Education). Students seeking certification in secondary education
have single subject certification options in biology, chemistry, history,
mathematics, physics, and Spanish for grades 6-12. Comprehensive
certification is offered for majors in English (English Language Arts),
History (History/General Social Science), and History-Political Science
General Social Science). All certification candidates are required to meet
the requirements for a major in their chosen field as well as additional
education or academic courses as required by the Alabama State
Department of Education.