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EC 425 Industrial Organization (1)
A course examining the economic behavior of producers in various
situational settings. Prerequisite: EC 202.
EC 430 Economic Growth and Development (1)
A study of theories of economic growth, alternative approaches to
development policy, and their applications in various developing
countries or regions. Prerequisites: EC 201 and 202.
EC 435 Austrian Economic Theory (1)
A study of the underlying propositions which form the foundation of
the Austrian tradition of economic analysis. Prerequisites: EC 201 and
EC 460 Senior Research Seminar in Economics (1)
A seminar devoted to enhancing students’ ability to synthesize
economic research and communicate that knowledge both orally and
through writing. Should be taken in the fall term in preparation for EC
in the following exploration term. Prerequisite: senior standing.
EC 470 Senior Project in Economics (1)
An independent research project that brings to bear the student’s
accumulated knowledge and skills in economics. Students should
initiate this project in the fall term of their senior year during the senior
research seminar. Prerequisites: EC 460 and senior standing.
EC 471, 472 Special Topics in Economics (1)
An in-depth exploration of contemporary research on selected topics.
Topics vary according to the instructor’s interests. This course is limited
to advanced juniors and seniors who are majors.