Page 4 - Stump Brochure

The Entrepreneurship Program integrates the study of entrepreneurship across
BSC’s innovative liberal arts curriculum. Courses in business emphasize for-profit
entrepreneurship projects and enable students to draw connections between their
coursework in business with other areas on campus. For example, students can take
interdisciplinary courses that combine a modern foreign language and business.
Stump Scholars receive priority registration for business courses, including reserved spaces
in popular introductory courses during their first year, to ensure a swift introduction to
entrepreneurship. Spaces are also reserved in Exploration Term entrepreneurship courses
for Stump Scholars.
Stump Scholars are guaranteed a fast-paced internship at a Birmingham company that
matches their entrepreneurial interests. These internships give students the opportunity to
connect with mentors, practice entrepreneurship in a real-world setting, gain professional
experience, and observe the workings of a successful business. Examples of past
internships include:
Firms at Innovation Depot, a business incubator in Birmingham
Integrated Media Solutions
Bradley Arant, one of the Southeast’s largest law firms